🔑Field Pass (Battle Pass)

Field Pass is STG Footballs' take on a battle pass!

You will have two ways to participate in the Field Pass: 1. Free version which is the top row. 2. Premium version which is used with the in-game resource "Gold" to purchase. (Gold can be earned from Daily Quest and Achievements or from our store with Credit Card.) In this Field Pass, you will be able to earn things such as Packs, Positional XP, Star player cards, and Gold/silver as rewards. The Field Pass will be run in seasons which gives users a set amount of time to complete the pass. Seasons to start will range from 4 - 6 weeks. How to earn Footballs To progress through the Field Pass, you must play games and earn what's called "Footballs". You earn footballs for every win/loss in the different game modes. Leaving gets you 0 Footballs.

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