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To date, STG Football has released five different digital Packs. Two of them are available to purchase in the store and two of them have been rewarded as prizes. The six released to date are: Founders Premium Founders Standard Core 23 Series Pioneer Set Tournament Series Rookie 23 Series What are the differences between each digital Pack? We launched STG Football with the Founders Premium ($90 USD) and Standard ($30 USD) digital Packs. Below is a link to an article that describes in more detail about both Packs: https://medium.com/@STG_Football/founders-series-pack-sale-a-deep-dive-into-odds-founders-pass-benefits-a5cc58e3738a The graphics below show all the perks and differences between the two packs:

The Founders Pass is an exclusive pass to people who purchase one of the two Founders packs. The details of the benefits of each pass are below:

The players you can receive from these packs are shown below both in the odds section of the store or you can view the list below. We list each of the possible players you can receive with the Founders Pack Premium first and then the second chart below is for the Founders Pass Standard:

The Core 23 Set was our third digital Pack to launch. This digital Pack is our $7 USD option and features some rookies from the 2022 Pro Football Season that weren't featured in the Founders Set.

The Pioneer Set was a limited-release digital pack to the Top 25 Collectors prior to the Marketplace launch. There were only 108 packs in this set with a limited player pool.

Player Pool: Elite: Joe Burrow Great: Dak Prescott, Kyle Hamilton Good: Isaiah Pacheco, Brock Purdy, Chigoziem Okonkwo, Tremaine Edmunds, Tariq Woolen Mint Sizes: Ultra Rare Elite - 1/1 Very Rare Elite - 2/2 Very Rare Great - 4/4 Rare Elite - 7/7 Rare Great - 10/10 Rare Good - 14/14 The final set to date we've minted is the Tournament Set. This digital Pack can only be won by participating in our official STG Football Tournaments and finishing in the top of the leaderboards.

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