Game Rules

The rules that guide the gameplay
Game Length
The game is divided into 4 quarters at 1:15 for each quarter. Most games should not exceed 20 minutes total with play calling and timeouts factored in.
Timeouts Each team is designated 3 timeouts per half. Penalties
What penalties?!
Full OT periods. The winner is determined when there is a leader at the end of an OT period. First Downs
First downs are attained by crossing the 50-yard line, only once per possession. If you start your drive on the opponent's side of the 50-yard line, no first down is attainable.
4th Down
During a 4th down you can either Punt the ball 40yds, kick a Field Goal, or go for it. If you go for it and are past the 50-yard line, you have no chance at a first down. Touchdown is the only successful outcome. If you fail, it is a turnover at the spot of the ball. Field Goal You will be given in your playbook the option to take a field goal and obtain a guaranteed 3 points. Field Goals are only available if you are on the opponent's side of the 35-yard line.
Half-time / End of 2nd Quarter At the start of the 3rd quarter, the team who did not start the game with the ball, will be given the ball on offense. Be aware of the time at the end of the 2nd quarter as your team may not have possession at the start of the next half. Point After Attempt (PAT)
You have two options after scoring a Touchdown. You can either take the automatic point from a Field Goal, or you can attempt a 2-Point Conversion in which you will have 1 play to reach the endzone from the 10-yard line.
A Touchdown is scored when you get the football into the opponent's endzone. Next, you will choose to go for a 2-Point Conversion or take the guaranteed 1 point from a Field Goal.
Occurs when you are tackled in your own endzone or you run out the back of your endzone. Change of Possessions
The 3 ways there can be a change of possession are Fumble, Interception, and Turnover on Downs.