Play Calling

Calling Plays is fast and easy and requires two simple selections for both Offense and Defense:
  • The first selection is the Play Set, which determines the plays and formations that will be available.
  • The second selection is the play itself.
There are three Play Sets for Offense and three for Defense and these are the same throughout the game. The actual plays available in each group change throughout the game.
(Advanced users can influence which plays will be available by modifying a playbook before starting gameplay.)
Users on each team only see the play-calling and play information on their own. Each team’s captain selects the play for their team. In a 4v4 game, each user on a team is captain for one-quarter of the game.
There is a very short time to select a play, five seconds for picking the play set, then five seconds to pick the actual play (to focus the game on the on-the-field action). If the team captain doesn’t choose a play within the time limit, the default-selection play is chosen automatically.
If the clock is running during the play-calling sequence, it stops as soon as the offensive team has called their play. In this way, a team can “hurry up” and preserve the clock without using their time-outs, similar to how an offensive team can do in real life. The clock then restarts when the ball is snapped.
The chosen play determines:
  • The formation of the Superstars
  • Pass route-target locations
  • The “designed” routes that the Superstars can take – users are never required to follow the play as designed, however, CPU-controlled teammates will always follow things as designed.