Player Positions

All SuperStars have EXACTLY one position, and users cannot change positions once the game begins.
There are 8 positions total in
STG Football: (4 on offense, and 4 on defense) Offense:
  • Quarterback - Initiates action and handles the “snap.” He either hands the ball to the Running Back or passes the ball to a WR. He may also run with the ball.
  • Running Back - Lining up either behind or beside the QB, he runs, he catches, he blocks and he’ll even throw a pass occasionally.
  • Wide Receiver - Typically pass catchers. They start the play split out wide from the rest of the formation and run routes for the QB to throw to.
  • Flex -
    STG Football's version of Tight End, this position will be a blocker or pass catcher. Typically a bit slower but powerful.
  • Linebacker - Linebackers traditionally support the defensive line. Usually covers RB and Flex (Tight Ends) for passing and tackling.
  • Cornerback - Spends most of their time covering Wide Receivers. They also support the run and might be asked to blitz the QB.
  • Safety - Commonly considered the center fielder, and thus the last line of the defense. Safety should be fast and strong and prevent long yardage plays.
  • Rusher - Related to
    STG Football, this position will be the player that rushes when a play is called to go after the QB. Rusher may also at times be asked to drop back into coverage for passing plays.