Jerome Collin, CEO
Jerome has worked in game development for over 15 years, starting his career at Electronic Arts and then working at companies like Zynga, Digital Chocolate and Glu Mobile. He is an expert in Product Management and has been working in free to play gaming for more than a decade. These days, Jerome’s focus is the product vision as a whole and building an amazing team to bring a new breed of sports games to our users. Jerome has worked on franchises that have generated billions of dollars in revenue and he created Tap Sports Baseball, which has grossed more than $400 million and was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2021.
Mike Saperstein, Head of Product Development
The Head of Product Development at SuperTeam Games. He has worked in game development for over 28 years at companies such as Electronic Arts, Glu Mobile, the 3DO Company, and startups Digital Chocolate and Blue Shift, Inc. He has done design and gameplay implementation on over 30 shipped products on a variety of platforms, including many sports titles like the Tap Sports Baseball series, Tap Sports Football games, and the High Heat Baseball series.
Andre Taube, Head Of Technology As a Head Of Technology of SuperTeam Games, Andre Taube oversees the design and development of the marketplace, game services and all things tech. Andre has 26 years of technology experience in the industry including Digital Chocolate and Glu Mobile. He worked on a variety of games on social media and mobile platforms, including Tap Sport Baseball franchise.
Sam Sheth, Head of Engine Development Sam Sheth is the Head of Engine Development at SuperTeam Games. He has worked in game development for over 22 years at companies including Electronic Arts, Capcom, Glu Mobile and the 3DO Company, and founded the startup Blue Castle Games. He has worked in implementing core gameplay systems for most of his career and has helped ship over 25 products on all major platforms, including titles like MVP Baseball, The Bigs, Tap Sports Baseball, High Heat Baseball and Dead Rising.