STG Store / Marketplace

Overview of how you can pick up your favorite SuperStars, level up on the field, and list them back on the marketplace!
Marketplace You found
STG Football and now you need some SuperStars? Well, head on over to our Marketplace. Here you will find packs and SuperStars you can purchase to fill out your roster. When in the Marketplace, be aware that there are many different rarities and levels of SuperStars. Each one offers different stats, skills, and plays that make that SuperStar unique or that rarity special. The following are the rarities:
  • Ultra Rare
  • Very Rare
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common
The following are the ratings for the Superstars:
  • Elite
  • Great
  • Good
  • Solid
  • Starter
The max rarity each quality of player can have is as follows:
Starters are only commons Solid can be common and uncommon Rare can be common, uncommon, and rare Great can be common, uncommon, rare, and very rare Elite can be any rarity Active Roster Once you have purchased your SuperStars, move them to your active roster in your inventory. Here you will set which SuperStars you want to be used in-game. You can only have one SuperStar equipped for each slot. Only SuperStars equipped with your active roster will show up as options in-game.
Leveling Up Now that you have purchased your SuperStars and set them to your active roster, now it's game time! In-game is where you will start to level up your SuperStars and improve their stats. Over time, the value of those SuperStars will grow as you increase the levels and improve them. There will be several ways to increase levels and more features related to this will be highlighted at a later time.
More on this is available in the Leveling Superstars section! Need some new talent? Are your SuperStars not working out? Want to upgrade to a higher rarity SuperStar? Simply head back to the Marketplace and put your SuperStars up for sale!