Getting Started

Everything you will need before stepping onto the field
To get started, all users will need to create a SuperTeam account through the STG Football Marketplace. You can sign up via:
  • E-mail
  • Facebook
  • Google Account
After you have completed the sign-up process, you can visit your profile, edit your preferences, and set up your highly important SMS 2-factor authorization.
Please note, that your username will be what identifies you for things such as the vip list if you qualify in the future Very important to keep track of what STG Account you connect to your Epic when you first log in. Any purchases on the STG Site should match the account you use in-game. Always verify before purchasing This account will also be able to link to all user accounts, including
  • Future SuperTeam Games projects
  • Platform accounts such as Epic Games, Xbox, PS, Switch, etc. when released Each SuperTeam account is powered by a Forte Wallet that will hold your NFTs. The Forte Wallet is integrated into the STG Marketplace for full interaction with the platform.
2 Factor Authorization is HIGHLY recommended. To start we offer SMS 2FA, soon after we will support google authenticator 2FA as well. Please, enable at least one of the options to maximize safety for your account.